Musings on our parenting journey

  • Importance of Unstructured Play

    Importance of Unstructured Play

    Nowadays, We see increased importance put on academics and structured activities only. And as a result, free play or unstructured play is getting less important! Let’s try to make some efforts to protect the unique wonder of childhood and give back free playtime. Most of the development happens during this free play time. It is…

  • What is the best part about parenting?

    What is the best part about parenting?

    Best part about parenting is you don’t have to be perfect all the time! No parent is perfect! No child is perfect! Each parent is different; each parenting is different! No parent is wrong; no parenting is wrong! We are not hear to compare ourselves with anybody! But there is always something that we can learn…

  • Pre-school Series – Number Recognization

    Pre-school Series – Number Recognization

    Recently, I got a query from fellow mum about number recognization. Her child gets confused to identify some numbers. Let me clear this first, it is completely okay if this thing happens. There are many methods which are helpful to practice the number identification problem. I have tried most of the methods listed below with…

  • Importance of learning Phonics!

    Importance of learning Phonics!

    You all may have heard about learning phonics every nowadays. Pre-schools have started teaching phonics. But do we know if that is actually mandatory learn? What are the benefits? Is there any real time impact of it? Is it difficult to understand? Is it compulsory at school? Do we need to opt for any external…

  • Gujarati Baby Shower Ceremony : Shrimant

    Gujarati Baby Shower Ceremony : Shrimant

    Finally, the day came, the big day for any mom-to-be! I would like to share my baby shower ceremony with my readers. Let’s go to a tour of pictures along with the significance of each tradition being followed. The baby shower is a tradition celebrated in almost all parts of India which means filling the…

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