Pre-school Series – Number Recognization

Recently, I got a query from fellow mum about number recognization. Her child gets confused to identify some numbers.

Let me clear this first, it is completely okay if this thing happens. There are many methods which are helpful to practice the number identification problem.

I have tried most of the methods listed below with my child. These are like memory game. We need to help the child to practice it on a daily basis until the child gets confidence about the same.

While practicing these methods with the child, they get exposed to many other skills.


  • Sensorys skill,
  • Fine motor skill,
  • gross motor skill,
  • hand eye coordination skills

These all are important as part of their learnings and growth!

Methods that we can practice:

  1. Write the number in paper and stick it on wall, cupboard or wherever your child gets more visual access. Make it colorful so that it catches the child’s attention.
  2. Match the number Activities
  3. Use Sand tracing cards
  4. Use Number Flash cards
  5. Tracing Activity using different objects.
  6. E.g salt, sand, rice bin, pushpin, ear bud or bindis!
  7. I spy I spy number
  8. Hide and seek with numbers using rice bin
  9. Circle the number

These are few activities or games which will help the child to recognize the Numbers.

These all activities take time to practice it with the child. So give enough time to your child until they master it. 😎

You can use many worksheets for practice purpose once the child gets basic idea about it. There are many free online resource available which will ease our efforts.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any detailed information.







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