Importance of Unstructured Play

Nowadays, We see increased importance put on academics and structured activities only. And as a result, free play or unstructured play is getting less important! Let’s try to make some efforts to protect the unique wonder of childhood and give back free playtime.

Most of the development happens during this free play time. It is a base to build the child’s confidence, well-being, understanding of emotion, thought processes, and freedom.

Free play helps in many ways.

  • building confidence
  • developing social skills, language, and communication skills
  • caring for others and the environment
  • developing physical skills

Unstructured play gives more imagination power to children. You can be a part of their play. But while playing with them, make sure you are not going to interrupt unless it is required. Let them be messy, let them be free, let them be what they feel during the moment. And they begin to understand choices and consequences as they learn from their mistakes.

You can explore the list of unstructured play ideas here.

Happy parenting!

PS: Structured and unstructured play have their importance but one or the other way, children get to play structured play, and as parents, we need to balance it out in some way.


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