Travel Activities for Kids 2-5 Years

Traveling with young kids can be challenging. We can make it fun and engaging with some activities. Here is the list of travel activities that we have always enjoyed. It has helped me to keep him screen-free and given us more time to bond with each other!

  • Mess Free Colouring book: Easy to carry, Value for money, small in size, and fits into your toddler’s bag or in your handbag too! As the name says, it is mess-free, so you need not worry much! 🎉
  • Colouring Books and Crayons: This is a great way to entertain the kids on long flights or car rides. There are many travel-sized coloring books available in the market. Please don’t hand over your mobile to your child to use some apps for coloring! Let the child hold the crayon in his hand.
  • Sticker Books: Sticker books are another fun activity that most kids love. And my son is crazy about stickers. So I always carry any type of sticker/sticker books/worksheets with us during long road trips. 
    • Tip: If you are running out of stickers, grab your bindis! That works well!😄
    • Use big stickers if the child is younger so it becomes easier for them to peel them off. As the child loses patience immediately, we don’t want to end the trip with any tantrums or drama, right? 😬
  • Interactive Games: There are many games that you can play. Like I-spy I-spy, who am I, tell me five names of …., and many more! This kind of game would not require anything to carry.
  • Story Books: Reading storybooks is a great way to keep kids engaged. You can carry a few of their favorite books and enjoy them with your little one.
  • Music and Songs: Create a playlist of favorite songs and rhymes. Singing along to the music is a fun way to pass the time during travel. 
  • Travel Toys: Carry travel-sized toys. You can carry building blocks, puzzles, Fidget toys, small cars, or anything that your child loves. These toys are perfect for keeping kids entertained during long waits at airports or train stations.
  • Magic Slate: You can use write and wipe slate that is available in the market. There are many varieties, and you can choose what fits better in your pocket.
  • Activity book: You can use this type of book, and it has many activities like maze games, finding the difference, color by code, and many more. It helps especially kids 4-5 years old.

With these travel activities, our kids get enough entertainment. We can achieve zero screen time by preparing a little early.

Please do let me know in the comment box below if you have tried something and can also be helpful to other parents out there!

Happy travels!


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